Mike Dziomba

An Experienced Artist Focusing on Acrylic Artwork

Mike was born and raised in Long Island, New York and currently resides in New Jersey. After spending over 30 years in corporate America, Mike decided to actively pursue his love of painting. He is a self-taught artist but continues to attend workshops and classes to fine-tune his skills.

You will often find him photographing farms, beach areas, preserves, state parks, and rustic areas for possible paintings. He recently branched out to create fun and surreal images that bring a smile to your face. Back in his studio, he will then work from a series of photographs, taking artistic license but not straying too far from the image which inspired him.

Ultimately, his goal is to bring the viewer into the painting and hopefully instill in them the same sense of tranquility he had during the painting experience. The biggest compliment is when someone views one of his works and says “I feel like I am there."

Artist Statement

Life is full of complexities, and the world seems to be obsessed with being able to multitask. I believe the painting experience allows one to disconnect themselves from this obsession and focus on the task at hand.

For me, the painting experience begins with a real-life image that seems to reach out and say, “capture me." This image is usually one of a simpler or quieter time. It is the right image if it connects with something in my past or helps to rekindle a fond memory of a place or time.

Painting in some ways is a connection to a simpler time. The painting experience allows me to become totally immersed in the subject matter, and there is nothing more satisfying than transcending that image to the canvas.

Coming from a business world of meetings, presentations, budgets, and emails, painting affords a concrete sense of accomplishment. There is a tangible result that is visible to everyone and more importantly does not need to be explained, reviewed, or justified at a corporate executive meeting. The viewer is allowed to form their own opinions of the painting.