Artist Statement

Life is full of complexities and the world seems to be obsessed with being able to multi task. I believe the painting experience allows one to disconnect themselves from this obsession and focus on the task at hand.  For me the painting experience begins with a real life image which seems to reach out and say “capture me”. This image is usually one of a simpler or quiet time. It is the right image if it connects with something in my past or helps to rekindle a fond memory of a place or time. Painting in some ways is  a connection to a simpler time. The painting experience allows me to become totally immersed into the subject matter and there is nothing more satisfying than transcending that image to the canvas.  Coming from a business world of meetings, presentations, budgets and emails, painting affords a concrete sense of accomplishment. There is a tangible result that is visible to everyone and more importantly does not need to be explained, reviewed or justified at a corporate executive meeting. The viewer is allowed to form their own opinions of the painting.

© Mike Dziomba 2015